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(CLOSED) Mead Making for Beginners

Closed to Registration

October 13, 2018, from 12 to 3

Cost $45 Members, $55 Non Members, Materials included in the cost

Approximately 3 hours long

Connect with one of the most ancient fermented alcoholic beverages in the history of mankind, mead! For thousands of years, cultures around the world have been fermenting honey and water to produce a beverage which is truly unlike any other. In this class, beginning mead makers will learn about the history of mead, the various varieties, and observe all of the steps in making their own gallon of mead. Glass jug, yeast, stoppers, and a fermentation lock are included in the price of tuition. Kurt has been making mead for almost thirty years, and will walk students through the entire process in this three-hour, one-day workshop, as he brews up an example batch. Students are encouraged to bring three pounds of their favorite honey (store-bought will do) if they would like to cook up their own one-gallon batch at the end of the workshop.

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