Executive Director

Kurt Barkley

Email:  kurt@randolpharts.org

Danielle Cade, Coordinator

Email: dani@RandolphArts.org

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As the Coordinator of the Arts Education for The Arts Center, it is my goal to provide a quality program and an unforgettable experience for the student. As a graduate in the arts, i know the important role art plays in everyday life. Art gives you a chance to create, explore and grow. Science proves that art heals us physically, emotionally and mentally. Art is power! 
When art is incorporated into life, it connects and aids in areas such as reading, numbers, imagery etc. Arts integration is important with core learning subjects, which are lacking in Randolph County primary schools. Art is vital to growth in neural development from infancy into adult hood. 
If you have any questions about our art programs, workshops or classes, please connect with me. We look forward to seeing you in the next art class! ~ Dani