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Registration and Payment Instructions:

Please follow the instructions to complete a successful registration. Register online using the form below, completing all sections. Please utilize the below Pay Pal button for online registration. Registration is NOT complete without payment.

Feel free to call in your registration over the phone. Only takes 5 minutes. Have your credit card ready.

Please view our class cancellation policy by clicking here.

Class Material costs are covered by The Arts Center, unless otherwise noted with the class details. 

Scholarships are available for adults and children demonstrating financial need. Scholarships are sponsored by the Don Judy Foundation Memorial Scholarship Fund, West Virginia Development Office, NIP Donations, and the generous support of individuals.  Download our scholarship application and return to the Arts Center. Application must be approved in advance of any class start date. A limited number of scholarships are provided for each class.

Gift Certificates can be purchased in person at the office, which faces city park. Gift certificates must be used at the time of registration. The Arts Center does not offer refunds for gift certificates under any circumstances.  Registration with a gift certificates must be completed in person. Online redemption is not available. Thanks!

Student Memberships
Class Payments

Complete the below form to register for class. 

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