Open Studio Tour 2016

The Arts Center's Open Studio Tour 2016 is a FREE, exciting event which gives the public the opportunity to visit, observe, and interact with artists from a four-county area.  These artists are opening their studios, galleries, and shops to the public (many for the very first time), to allow tourists the chance to see exactly how artists work, what inspires them, and how they create.  

Tour Dates:

August 19, 20 and 21 from 10 am to 5 pm

Pick up a brochure, explore the website and take a trip to their shops! 

Visit the Open Studio Tour 2016 website at:

The Arts Center exhibits works in a preview exhibit on May 6 to June 15 of 2016. This was specifically for the Open Studio Tour Artists so the public would see a glance of what to expect in the studios, galleries and shops. 

*A Champagne Breakfast was held at The Arts Center on August 2, 2016. Mrs. Evans introduced the new website and walked guests through the pages. All of the artists that are participating in this years Open Studio Tour are listed on the new website and in our brochure which has been distributed throughout West Virginia.