Saturday, March 18, 2017

High Ridge Ramblers

Show Starts at 7:30, Doors open at 7:00.

Adults $12.00, Seniors $10.00, Students $8.00




The High Ridge Ramblers are Dave Bing, Andrew Dunlap, and Mark Payne. West Virginia mountain music the way they feel it on fiddle, banjo, and guitar.  "There is something about the sound of a banjo, fiddle, and guitar working shoulder to shoulder in this music that has always... appealed to us. The blend of these particular instruments combines to create a special sound. We also like the combination of liberty and discipline needed for playing as a trio. While there is room for each player to maneuver musically, with only the three instruments there is also the responsibility of always pulling your musical weight and keeping the groove deep. Mostly we just have a lot of fun playing this music and trying to draw out of it what we hear in it."



The Arts Center finished the Winter Blues Series on January 13, 2017. Thank you to Elkins Auto for sponsoring this event.