Saturday, September 24, 2016, at 8:00 PM

Special, double-header show LIVE at The Arts Center

Hardcore rock featuring

Karma To Burn,


Special Guest

Worst Kept Secret

All Tickets $10.00


To explain what’s so special about this American rock trio to somebody who’s never heard of Karma To Burn before, you have to start by leaving aside some of the basic principles of that music and start with the group’s most obvious forte: their riff-driven, heavily grooving instrumental songs blend almost the entire history of rock music, from the late sixties with their euphoric atmosphere of departure to the present return to handmade, organic music which counteracts with passionate spiritedness the general trend towards cold digital sounds. Even without vocals, Karma To Burn fascinate their listeners from the first to the very last note. “If you want to compose a song without vocals, you have to really concentrate on the continuous flow of the arrangements, after all we don’t have a singer to cover up any weak passages,” explains guitarist William Mecum, who makes up Karma To Burn’s current line-up together with Evan Devine (drums) and new addition Eric von Clutter (bass). “An instrumental track has to be like a rollercoaster ride that takes its audience up and down the whole time to maintain the suspense and dynamics. It’s got to be able to impress all the way.” 26 February 2016 will see the arrival of the group’s new EP Mountain Czar on Rodeostar/SPV, and the recording is set to fulfil those very criteria. So their fans may already look forward to five new tracks and the subsequent tour, scheduled to start directly after the release.

West Virginia's own, Worst Kept Secret

Formed in early 2014 by childhood friends Shawn Fisher, Jared Miller, Ben Geelhaar, Pat Cole and Ryan Schauman, Worst Kept S...ecret set out to bring a refreshing sound to the the current state of music.

Taking the heavy elements of Pantera and Radio friendly elements of Blink 182 they brought what they consider Heavy Southern Punk to the forefront.

With the outlook of "No Genre No Problem" the band has played with all different genres of music.

They have opened for alternative rock acts such as Drowning Pool, Bobaflex and Otherwise. 80's legends LA Guns, Heavy acts such as He is Legend, Sworn Enemy. Up and comers such as Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost, Guns Out at Sundown, Bad Seed Rising and Everlit. Other acts include Hawthorne Heights, Black Cat Attack and Bubba Sparxxx. They are set to play Four Chord Music Fest 3 with Mayday Parade.

Since 2014 they have been relentlessly playing shows with almost 90 shows in that time. They have been in multiple newspapers, had a magazine cover, have been played across college radio stations in WV and MD, released an EP entitled Nuff Said to a sold-out hometown crowd, released a music video for the song Bender, toured with Guns Out at Sundown, landed an endorsement with Coldcock Whiskey and Big Timber Brewing and are releasing their debut full-length album "Confidence|Arrogance" in Fall 2016.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Vintage Theatre Company Presents William Shakespeare's

The Vintage Theatre Company, West Virginia's premiere Shakespearean troupe, for an evening of comedy, tragedy, and high drama as they perform William Shakespeare's, The Merchant of Venice.

Adults $12.00, Seniors $10.00, Students $8.00

Saturday, March 18, 2017

High Ridge Ramblers




The High Ridge Ramblers are Dave Bing, Andrew Dunlap, and Mark Payne. West Virginia mountain music the way they feel it on fiddle, banjo, and guitar.  "There is something about the sound of a banjo, fiddle, and guitar working shoulder to shoulder in this music that has always... appealed to us. The blend of these particular instruments combines to create a special sound. We also like the combination of liberty and discipline needed for playing as a trio. While there is room for each player to maneuver musically, with only the three instruments there is also the responsibility of always pulling your musical weight and keeping the groove deep. Mostly we just have a lot of fun playing this music and trying to draw out of it what we hear in it."

Adults $12.00, Seniors $10.00, Students $8.00