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Sundials Pottery Workshop

Sundials Pottery Workshop

Saturday, May 26, 2018, 11 am start time, approx 4 hours

Or Saturday, June 30, 11 am start time, approx 4 hours

Adults or the mature teens

Cost $55 Members and $65 Non Members (Includes cost of supplies)

What is a Sundial? A sundial is a clock that uses the position of the Sun to indicate the time. Typically a rod casts a shadow upon a plane or surface. On this surface are found markings that indicate the time by the position of the shadow. Each type serves the same purpose: to tell time by the position of the Sun.

Make your own sundial in this pottery workshop whiling explore the versatile word of the clay. Use of "spotted" clay. Create a sundial that reflects your personality or character. Perfect for your garden or outdoor yard space. 

Ready for pick up in approximately 2 weeks

Instructor Jennifer Boyle