Art Classes for Adults

Register Early! There is limited space in each class. Classes must meet a minimum number and they all have a maximum; please don't wait until the last minute to register. For online registration, please click here. Pay Pal is available for your convenience. More important details at the bottom of this page. 



Watercolor Introduction

Fridays, Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26 Time: 6 to 8 pm

Students will be introduced to the fundamental approaches and techniques associated with watercolor in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Exploring the use and expression of color, the student will learn the joys and practices of utilizing specific techniques to become proficient in controlling watercolors and in developing a personal bag of tricks. Students by the end of course will complete a finished watercolor. Please join us for fun, friendship and creativity!

Instructor Patrick O'Brien

Scarf Knitting for beginners

Date and Time, TBA

Want to make your own scarf? Join this 2 day workshop for instructions on simple scarf making. You will learn a simple scarf stitch as well as basic vocabulary for knitting. You will walk away with a beautiful scarf. 

Materials: We have boo coos of yarn to choose from, which will eliminate a material fee. Please discuss this upon registration. 

stained glass_66bfa640404740f162eda6feb4ea3925.jpg

Stained Glass, Beginners

Wednesdays, February 28 through March 28, 2018, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

$55 Members, $65 Non Members

$30 Material Fee includes glass, solder, foil for your project, use of our tools in the studio

This is a 5 week class that meets once a week. We will show you step-by-step instructions on how to cut glass, pattern preparation, foiling, soldering in order for you to complete your first stained glass panel, which you will take home. You will also learn basic vocabulary and safety. You will complete 1 piece, approx. 8 x 8 inches. Perfect for beginners, no experience needed. Instructor Jay Saseen

Due to health factors, stained glass classes are NOT appropriate for pregnant ladies. Please consider a fused glass class.


Stained Glass, Intermediate Level

Wednesdays, April 11 through May 9, 2018, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

$55 Members, $65 Non Members

$30 Material Fee includes glass for your project, use of our tools in the studio

Requirement: beginner stained glass class

This 5 week class meets once a week. This class is a level up from the beginners. Want to make your own window piece? Maybe you have a project that is unfinished; this class will get you there. You will continue to work under the direction of the instructor choosing your own glass pattern. A great refresher course. Instructor Jay Saseen

Due to health factors, stained glass classes are NOT appropriate for pregnant ladies. Please consider a fused glass class.


Fused Glass Trinket Dish

Sat. Feb. 3, class begins at 1:00 pm, approx. 1.5 hours

$25 Members, $32 Non Members

Material Fee: $15, fee includes glass materials, use of our tools and firings

Make a 3 inch square dish decorated to match your decor or your personality. This little dish requires a slump firing. If time permits additional dishes can be made for only $5 each. Instructor Jennifer Boyle


Fused Glass Tile/Coaster Workshop

Sat. April, 14, 2018, begins at 1:00 pm, approx. 1 hour

$25 Members, $32 Non Members

$15, fee includes glass materials, use of our tools, studio space and firings

Design and make your own 4 inch tile/coaster in this workshop.  If time permits additional dishes can be made for only $5 each. Instructor Jennifer Boyle

Fused Glass Spring Workshop

Sat. March 17, 2018, Begins at 2:00 pm, approx 2 hours

$30 Members, $37 Non Members

$20 material fee, includes glass materials

Make 3 of your own unique fused glass ornaments for spring. Our next classes will feature ideas that are perfect for the upcoming season. Follow our example or create your own designs. Ready in time for Easter! Great idea for easter baskets and spring decorations. Instructor Jennifer Boyle


Fused Wine Bottle Rings, (recycled glass)

Sat. May 12, begins at 1 pm

$20 Members, $27 Non Members

Materials: Bring your favorite empty glass wine bottle, blue, green, yellow, or clear. We will have glass bottles here.

Learn how to cut wine bottle circles or 'donuts.' Create pieces such as wind chimes, pendants, window pieces and more. Instructor Jennifer Boyle

Saturday Mug Shop

Sat., Jan. 13, 2018, begins at Noon

Sat., Feb. 17, 2018, begins at Noon

class is approximately 2 hours 

$25 Members, $35 Non Member Rate

$15 material fee makes 2 mugs

Create your own mug or two. Maybe a matching set for friends. Instructor Macie Higgins


Winter Wheel Throw Down

Feb 8, 15, 22, March 1, 8, 15 Time: 5:30 to 7:30 pm

$60 Member Rate, $70 Non Members

$25 material fee, includes use of equipment, clay, glaze and two firings

Learn to throw on the wheel, or continue to develop your throwing skills. This class is designed for different experience levels from beginners to advanced. You will make at least 4 to 6 items in this class. Instructor Macie Higgins



Spring Pottery Wind Chimes

2 day workshop, April 7 and April 14, Start Time: Noon, approximately 1.5 hours

$25 Members and $30 Non Members

$15 material fee,  includes use of equipment clay, glaze and two firings

What inspires you? The sun or moon? Does anything bring more peace than a beautiful piece of art with a soft chime? Create a beautiful wind chime that fits your personality! Assemble on the second day and take home. The second day is only assembling. Instructor Macie Higgins


Guided Pottery After Work

Meets monthly on Wednesdays; January through May

Time: 6:00 to 8:00 pm

4 sessions each month: $50 Members, $55 Non Members

Material Fee: $20 for 4 sessions, option to bring your own clay

Drop in Rate: $15 per day, $5 material fee, call in advance

This class is designed to take as many or few sessions as you need/want. Designed for any level from beginners to advanced. Instructors are available if you need guidance, but the option to work independently is available. Project ideas are available from the instructors. Instructor Boyles


Open Studio Life/Figure Drawing
Usually meets on Thursdays, Limit 4 sessions per month

Time: 11 am to 1 pm
$42 Member, $45 Non Member

$10 per day, Drop In Rate, call in advance

Bring your own supplies, easels, and more. No Instructor.
Artists meet once a week to draw from a live model to study the human form. This is an independent study time in an open studio. 

The human body is the most complex of creations with endless possibilities for improvement. Figure drawing is not something to be ‘learned’ once and then discarded. This class forces you to see the relationships, measurements, and proportions of the human body. A two-minute gesture drawing or a two-hour pose, artist train themselves to accomplish a task in a given time frame; vital for artists! 

Open Glass Studio

Flat Rate: $35 per month

Materials: Individual must have their own tools, and bring their own glass. Work independently in the studio to advance your skills. There is no instructor provided. Must possess a certain level of glass studio skills; ability and knowledge to operate any equipment we have in the studio. 

Open Studio Pottery
Flat Rate: $35 month, bring your own clay. Additional fee for use of recycled clay provided by The Arts Center.
Drop In Rate: $10 per day, call in advance, bring your own clay.
Morning option allows approximately 16 to 20 studio hours per month.
Work independently in the pottery studio to explore and advance your skills. Must possess a certain level of pottery skills; ability to operate wheels, use of glaze, ability to fire "our" kilns, and advanced knowledge of all parts/components of the studio. There is no instructor available during studio time.



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Art Instructor Professionals: Check out their biographies to learn more about them. The Arts Center provides quality art education classes in small settings to everyone in the community. 

Register Early! There is limited space in each class, so register early. Classes must meet a minimum number; please don't wait until the last minute to register. For online registration, please click here where you are redirected to the "Register and Pay" page. You must pay through Pay Pal upon registration. You may also call to register 304.637.2355.

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